Successful companies – those that are focused on long-term growth and creating a lasting impact – are the result of a strong, disciplined management team, continued product and services innovation and the implementation of sound and strategic financial practices. We’re proud of the partnerships we’ve developed with the diverse group of companies in our portfolio that exemplify this model of excellence.

Community Education Centers
Community Education Centers, Inc. (CEC) is a leading provider of re-entry treatment and education services for adult correctional populations throughout the United States.  CEC is firmly committed to partnering with government agencies to provide intensive re-entry treatment and education programs that focus on changing addictive and criminal behaviors, preparing offenders for re-entry and, ultimately, reducing recidivism.
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3Pillar Global
Advanced Call Centers Technology
Alfred Angelo
Alpha Imaging
AppTec Laboratory Services
Archive Systems
Atlantic Diagnostic Laboratories
AUC Group
Aviation Technical Services (ATS)
Brand Muscle
Brian Communications Group
Bulova Technologies
Cellucap Manufacturing
Climax Manufacturing Company
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