Successful companies – those that are focused on long-term growth and creating a lasting impact – are the result of a strong, disciplined management team, continued product and services innovation and the implementation of sound and strategic financial practices. We’re proud of the partnerships we’ve developed with the diverse group of companies in our portfolio that exemplify this model of excellence.

Corridor Pharmaceuticals

Corridor Pharmaceuticals is a platform-based pulmonary and critical care company focused on developing novel therapeutics to treat inflammation, fibrosis and endothelial dysfunction. Corridor is targeting diseases where elevated arginase levels have been shown to be involved in disease progression such a pulmonary fibrosis, COPD and ischemia reperfusion injury.
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AppTec Laboratory Services
Community Education Centers
Continuing Care Rx
Core Essence Orthopaedics
Corridor Pharmaceuticals
EKR Therapeutics
Habit Opco
NB Therapeutics
Othera Pharmaceuticals
Paragon Bioservices
Precyse Solutions
RedPath Integrated Pathology
Salveo Specialty Pharmacy
Scandius BioMedical
Songbird Hearing
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