NewSpring Holdings

NewSpring Holdings is a private equity strategy that employs a long term, buy-and-build investment approach in the lower middle market. We seek to invest in and work with smaller businesses in order to help scale growth. We target growing, profitable companies in business process automation, services, software and niche manufacturing / distribution between $5 and $25 million of revenue. Our goal is to help grow each company through organic and acquisitive growth.

We do this by investing in companies that:

  • Are led by entrepreneurs who aspire to scale their business 
  • Have high potential value in well-defined and established niche markets
  • Offer differentiated products or services
  • Have high operating leverage and high return on invested capital
  • Operate in markets where there are numerous acquisition opportunities

NewSpring Holdings believes that companies with these attributes have the ability to sustain above average growth through increased market share, expanded scope and the acquisition and integration of other strategically aligned companies.

We look for situations where family business owners have the dual goal of diversification through liquidity but also the desire to retain a significant stake in order to participate in the future growth of their company. Post-transaction, we work in partnership with the entrepreneur to create additional value by bringing capital and resources to help accelerate growth.

Our Strategic Cornerstones

Industry Leader Teams

NewSpring Holdings builds Industry Leader teams in each sector to work directly with our portfolio companies. These Industry Leaders are executives who have years of experience in their industry and have a track record of strong operating success, M&A experience and value creation through successful exits. Our goal is to apply scale experience to smaller companies in order to help them increase growth and profitability during our ownership.

Focused Markets

NewSpring Holdings starts with its Industry Leader expertise to identify industry niches that fit our investment criteria. The Industry Leader teams then proactively identify investment opportunities in the chosen sector. We are looking for entrepreneurs who want to be part of something larger, who see the addition of a capital and a value-added partner as giving them the ability to take their company to the next level of scale.